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Waayyy far left is chewing up the Chuckie far left…grab your popcorn

8 February 2018 Libtards


Linda Sarsour to Chuck Schumer: ‘I’m Tired of White Men Negotiating on the Backs of People of Color’

Tucker Blasts Adam Schiff for Appearing on Russian TV Despite Rhetoric WATCH: Trey Gowdy Relives Top ‘Grillings’ of Bureaucrats on Capitol Hill Controversial activist Linda Sarsour issued a warning to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) as Congress debates immigration reform.

  • I’ve never actually heard Sarsour speak until watching Tucker last night. She sounds like a Brooklyn hood rat.

    • EarnitYourself

      Yup, and the hate speak… gestappo, facsist, etc.
      Completely unfounded, but she can speak at colleges, but conservatives with no hate speak can’t.
      It’s not going to be pretty around here in a generation or two.

    • grandma954

      A thuggie hood rat at that.

  • EarnitYourself

    Herbie, at least watch the first ten seconds of the video of Tucker. He covers the part about how Bush kept his pie hole shut for the last nine years as all ex-presidents do, and should do.

    When is obama going to shut his?

    • Herbsman200

      You can’t be serious. All I see is Obama on vacations…. Or are you really talking about Obama in drag Hillary.

      • EarnitYourself

        No, that was while he was in office. Now that he has to pay his own way, he rarely takes vacations.

        Three words, Herbie….

        Organizing for Action.

        It’s all about pushing the liberal, progressive socialist agenda. If you’re a fan of the Wizard of Oz, he does a good job of being the man behind the curtain, but rest assured, he’s the one pressing buttons and pulling levers behind the scenes.

        Plus, he tweets constantly, second guessing Trump’s policies. If W had done that to Obozo, the media would have attacked W.


  • Joe

    Someone should have thrown ground raw pork 🐷 in her face!

    • Pompano Queen1

      I love it!

  • Pompano Queen1

    Her comment explains why they are recruiting the blacks as fast as they can! Even those in jail! Such a sad situation. Another musty mooslime!