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ACLU Complains: “Trump Used the Word ‘America’ More Than 80 Times”

31 January 2018 Libtards

ACLU Complains: “Trump Used the Word ‘America’ More Than 80 Times”

(CNSNews.com) – The American Civil Liberties Union — note the word “American” in its title — complained Tuesday night about President Trump’s repeated use of the word “America” in his State of the Union speech. In a written response to Trump’s speech, Faiz Shakir, the ACLU’s national political director, said: Tonight, President Trump said the word ‘America’ more than 80 times in his speech.

  • What world are we living in?

  • Herbsman200

    HAHAHA America…the only word he can say confidently without haveing to read the prompter..

    Laugh that was funny

    • Lt Bil Drat

      Read your prompter. You spelled having wrong.

      • High_Yellow3

        Ebonics yo.

        • Pompano Queen1


      • Herbsman200

        BOOOOOO Grammar police!!! Go get a doughnut

        • Lt Bil Drat

          I don’t eat them but I’ll have a bagel and lox for you.

    • EarnitYourself

      Dude, How can you whine about bashing when you post shit like that?

      So the guy has a bunch of liberal fucktards laying in wait to apply some dog whistle speech interpretation to his words so they can attack him for their interpretation of his words.

      Here comes this article showing how absurd that is, to the point of them attacking for using our country’s name too much?

      So you jump on the bandwagon and find the most ludicrous way to attack, which shows you didn’t even get the point of the article, or you just don’t care.

      Remember when obama didn’t use a TelePrompTer and the media and GOP attacked him fo his choice of words, like the special Olympics retard insult?

      Ya. Neither do I.

      • Almost like there is a comprehension issue here. Hmmmmmm

        • Pompano Queen1

          No comprendy!

      • Herbsman200

        Why are you getting so serious? I will forever taunt this president…I do not like him. The same way you didn’t like the president before… It’s all good. No sweat off my back.

        • EarnitYourself

          I’m not getting mad. But I am serious. I’m sick and tired of brain dead libs hating on the best president we’ve had since Reagan, just because their handlers are telling them to.

          I didn’t dislike obama, the man. I hated his vision for the country. For you, I’ll list some solid, concrete, facts about why I didn’t like his policies.

          Cash for clunkers. AKA automotive welfare. The 50% that don’t pay taxes drive clunkers. So that was his first time taking from earners and giving their money to the takers. Buying votes with my money.

          The infamous stimulus plans with all those shovel ready jobs. WTF? What moron thinks taxing, borrowing and spending your way out of a deep recession will work? A taxpayer funded job isn’t an asset. It’s a liability.

          “Hey, welfare and unemployment recipients! You need not make an effort to find a job anymore. That’s no longer required.” Oh yeah! It wouldn’t be fair to ask someone to get off the gimme dat train.

          “Every time (and only when) a white cop shoots a black criminal, I shall go on record about the injustice of it all. I’ll remain quiet when a white cop shoots a white criminal or a black cop shoots anyone.”

          These are a few. I’ll finish with the “My Brothers Keeper” program. A program to pump taxpayer dollars into the hood where “administrators” can get rich pretending to help inner city youth OF COLOR. Yes, at risk white youth need not apply. This is specifically for kids of color, as explained in the charter. A racist divisive government sponsored program, created by Barack Hussein obama.

          See what I did there? I cited true examples of policy making and didn’t get personal about the man himself.

          So when you write stupid shit like “I just don’t like the guy and will forever taunt him”, you sound like an idiot.

          List his actions that are bad. Is it that he doesn’t support illegal trannies being able to follow your daughter into the ladies room?

          • Herbsman200

            I would chalk it up to he was doing what would get him elected…Trump is doing the exact same thing… but not sure how being condescending is going to help his cause. This is the USA the land made up of immigrants Earn. His insults goo deep. Many people will vote against him just for that reason alone.

          • EarnitYourself

            He has never once insulted someone who is here legally.
            He has said that some of the people sneaking into our country illegally are rapists, druggies and murderers. That’s not an insult.

            That’s a fact.

            So give me examples of his “insults” to US citizens and legal immigrants….

          • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

            He can’t.

          • Herbsman200

            Calling that Senator miss piggy is OK with you? She is legal and a citizen. Shall I go on?

          • EarnitYourself

            Shut up. You can’t be too stupid to understand we were talking about unprovoked attacks. When he goes back at someone who attacks him, that doesn’t count.

            So yes. Go on, and cite your first valid example.

          • Herbsman200

            What about the Pocohontas thing?

          • EarnitYourself

            An hilarious trolling of Elizabeth Warren for falsely claiming she was a Native American on a job application at Harvard to teach Native American studies?

            Awesome! Funny as shit and also retaliation for relentless attacks by Warren.

            Strike two.

            One more try?

          • Herbsman200

            So far I am 2 for 2…The president of a country should not use childish insults. That is NOT becoming of a president.

          • EarnitYourself

            0 for 2. Sure thing, cupcake. All these people can say, do and call him whatever they want and he can’t fight back?

            Who do you think you are?
            Obama’s foreign policy advisor?

          • Herbsman200

            HAHAHA nope… I’m just not blind to this presidents BS. So during the campaign calling women ugly was OK with you? That is what you call presidential?

          • EarnitYourself

            You’re not blind to it, but you can’t provide an example of it.

            I have no problem with him using name calling in defending himself against people who have absolutely no boundaries in what they will say about him.

            Sticks and stones, Herbie!

            Your boy corrupted and weaponized our top intelligence agencies, and you’re worried about names that might hurt feelings of people who say nasty stuff about Trump all the time?

            Check your priorities, dude.

          • Herbsman200

            Of course it’s sticks and stones now…but let any other president act in such a manner. Especially Obama…OMG you all would be calling for his head Al Quieda style.

          • EarnitYourself

            It’s your side that likes the al-quieda style beheading joke. See Kathy Griffin.

            Obama used to call me a xenophobe and an islamaphobe every time some of them killed a bunch of us and he issued his standard lecture, talking down to those who do see some Muslims as a threat. Maybe it’s those videos they publish swearing they’re coming to kill us.

            Hillary was a candidate for president when she called me a deplorable.

            I didn’t care. In either case.

          • Herbsman200

            I guess the same way Trump said the majority of blacks are poor and go to shitty schools…naaa I that is not the case but I guess just because he said it makes it true. Other than the few that visit the shop…I don’t know any POOR black people. All the black folk I hang around are either working or has a business. We are not all criminals or uneducated the way the news wants you all to believe. ….. Why is it no one ever speaks about the all boys prep school that for the last 5 years or so has had 100% graduation rate with all 100% of those boys going to college? But let one rob a store…THERE SEE LOOK THEY ALL ARE SAVAGES.

          • EarnitYourself

            Okay, first… the people you rub elbows with are not the people he was talking about.
            Are you telling me that the schools that black kids in the Gardens and Liberty city go to are good schools?

            The context of that speech was “why do black people blindly vote for Dems, when Dems don’t fix the core problems black people face? They want them dependent so they can buy their votes with freebies.”

            They keep blacks on “the plantation”, dependent on handouts instead of working to make them independent of the gubmint.

            Everyone sees it. Well, except you black folks, apparently.

          • Herbsman200

            You could be right…but many see him in the light I see him in, however, he has a job to do. But I am glad this guy is getting the same difficulties the last guy got. Remember I know nothing about getting handouts. No one ever gave me shiiiiit….well you give me hell all the time but that a different story…haha

          • EarnitYourself

            Herbie, please…. The last guy had 100% unquestioned support from everyone in his party. Likewise, the MSM told us he shit Ben and Jerry’s chocolate macadamia nut ice cream and laid in wait for someone to question his judgement, at which point they would scream racism!!!

            This guy had the previous administration corrupt the top intelligence agencies to try to influence the out come of the election, and the MSM is reporting “shame on Trump for okaying the release of the memo explaining the disgraceful actions – that could undermine people’s trust in these agencies!”
            The same MSM who if he walked on water to save a drowning baby, would report that Trump can’t swim.

            Trump has a lot of GOP members not backing him either. That’s unheard of in my lifetime. I have to believe that Obamas corrupt DOJ and FBI have dirt on those people and is blackmailing them to be RINOs. They have proven they’re not afraid to spy on Americans illegally.

            In short? There is no comparison in terms how much BS Obama had to endure versus Trump.

            While it may seem that I’m giving you hell in our exchanges, I’m really just enjoying some debate…. while trying to help you be a more enlightened voter.

          • Herbsman200

            BS…. I guess you forgot the BS filibuster where a republican chanted nursery rhymes for like 7 hours causing a shut down… That was just one I’m sure you remember….you and a few others were advocates for that.

          • EarnitYourself

            Dude! That was Ted Cruz, trying to avoid a vote on Obamacare, not shutting down the government.
            Now, that we know how Obamacare ruined our healthcare system, he’s a hero for at least trying to stop it!

            Who doesn’t love them some Dr. Suess?

            And seriously? The Dr. Suess filibuster is your example to counter what I listed above?

          • Herbsman200

            Yes because I take it you don’t remember…wht was it OK then but not OK now… your views are not the always the best for everyone. Yet you argue that when repub’s act out it’s OK but if Dem’s do it it’s not? How is that fair Earn

          • EarnitYourself

            Come on, man!

            I can’t have a serious debate with you if you’re going to compare:

            The unlawful use of our intelligence agencies to create false evidence presented to a FISA court judge to unlawfully spy on the opposing party’s candidate to try to conduct a soft coup.


            Ted Cruz performing a perfectly legal, commonly used practice and stay up all night doing nothing more than making a statement. Not a single law or procedure broken.

            One is the pillars of out republic crumbling, as we see our government not upholding the law, but rather breaking it to deny us our ability to vote candidates into office fairly, to run this country.

            The other is grandstanding, but perfectly legal and common.

            If this plays out following the due process of law, this may well get to your boy.

            Loretta Lynch signed hundreds of FISA warrant applications, including this one. That means she’s approving it as something the judge should grant.

            Do you really think she’d commit this level of crime without some direction from her boss (do you know who that is?).

            Of course not. Why should she assume all the risk without a nod and a wink?

          • EarnitYourself

            Have you been taking a lib 101 class?

            You decided to acuse “you all” without any basis whatsoever, while condemning it.

            That’s big with you libs.

            Condemn someone for doing something they didn’t do, but you say they would, but they haven’t.

          • Herbsman200

            OOOKAY Earn…but I know what is real and what is smoke… and just now you tried to blow smoke. But it’s OK. Your guy is in office… just wait until the table has turned again and it will… lets see how you speak then.

          • grandma954

            Herb a lot of people who are here the right way voted for him. They want these people to go back and come in the right way. That’s the law and that’s what needs to happen. No matter what. What we have going on now is not good.. Bad people from all over are here and they must go… Sooner then later .

    • grandma954

      No Herb that was Obama remember now?? Oh and he never heard anything until it came on T.V. there was that too.. Come on Herb. Trump is doing a great job. Would do even better if people would get out of his way..

      • Herbsman200

        I said the same about Obama remember. Trump too now has the house and Senate and is having a hard time… wait until mid term… I feel bad for him.

        • EarnitYourself

          Oh man, Bruce Wein. Shall we bet the trailer on which party gains seats in 2018?

          You really do live in a world where your reality is shaped for you.

          Do you know why Shumer and the gang quickly refunded the government?
          Because putting 800,000 illegal aliens ahead of 300+ million American citizens doesn’t resonate well with those 300+million Americans.

          Guess which ones can vote! [Edit: Legally]

          Those idiots needed polls to tell them that, so they’d back off the position??? Talk about out of touch.

          Oh ya, baby… we may see a super majority, in which case, the Dems will be put in time out and ignored, as is done with all annoying cry babies.

          • Herbsman200

            HAHAHA All I can say is just go vote and lets see how this turns out. I will say I am paying a little more attention to Politics now…. See Trump can be thanked for that one see…shall I tweet it so he will feel happy…

          • grandma954

            Now that’s funny..

  • Lt Bil Drat

    Faiz Shakir….there’s too much win there.

  • Pompano Queen1

    The ACLU is pushing the globalism that almost killed this country with Obunghole in office.

  • Pompano Queen1

    I am American and I dream also! I had a dream of being an independent career gal with a killer resume and I made it happen. Lost it though in the recession, thanks to Obunghole! I have another dream and hope to make it happen.