Tucker: FISA memo likely played role in McCabe ‘removal’

30 January 2018 Daily Tucker

Tucker: FISA memo likely played role in McCabe ‘removal’

Tucker’s Thoughts: Now-former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is mentioned in the soon-to-be-released FISA memo and he is the subject of a DOJ investigation, The memo also shows the Obama administration accused Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page of being an agent of Putin.

  • Bu bu but it was her turn!

    • Pompano Queen1

      Love today’s pic! Thanks Captain!

  • grandma954

    I can’t wait to see whats in this memo…

  • EarnitYourself

    Man, would I love to see this get to Obama. We all know he was in on it. He couldn’t get on TV quick enough to tell us he has 17 agencies swearing “it’s the Russians working with Trump! We must investigate!”

    He wouldn’t have done that had he not seen the “game plan”. His job was sell it and get the support of the people.