Just what Florida needed……

12 January 2018 Cool Shit

Florida communities scramble to help displaced Puerto Ricans

“I cannot get the best medical help in Puerto Rico, and it has become even worse after Hurricane Maria” By Robin Respaut and Alvin Baez KISSIMMEE, Florida, Jan 12 (Reuters) – At Leslie Campbell’s office in the central Florida city of St. Cloud, the phone will not stop ringing.

  • EarnitYourself

    I’m so over this BS. They’re now throwing the race card saying why are places like Houston and Florida repaired so quickly compared to PR?
    You’re an island the size of CT, completely obliterated. FL and Houston did not have every inch of the territory devastated. They aren’t mountainous regions with no access to electric lines that need replacing.
    So let’s extend the FEMA free housing yet again for those who came to FL.
    Let’s spend a fortune rebuilding and “modernizing” (the PR governor’s words) PR’s infrastructure.
    Except, the able bodied (able to work) have all come here and there’s no reason to think they’ll go back.
    So how does PR function in the years to come with no, or an inadequate workforce?

  • tardisbabe

    FEMA is broke and disorganized. No amount of money will fix that.