7-11 not having a good week….

10 January 2018 Cool Shit

Utah residents panic over hepatitis A outbreak from 7-Eleven, hundreds feared impacted

Salt Lake County health leaders say many people are coming forward after they issued an alert about a Hepatitis A outbreak at a 7-11 in West Jordan. Since 8 a.m. Monday morning, the Salt Lake County health department has been answering calls from people who are worried about the outbreak that occurred at the 7-11 on 7800 South 2666 West.

  • Jarpo

    Don’t drink the Mountain Doo Doo slurpees!

    • tardisbabe

      And don’t eat the nachos or Hot Dogs, or anything that isn’t already prepackaged.

      • Pompano Queen1

        Don’t eat anything that you find in a 7-11! Going to McDonald’s which I hate would be better.

    • Pompano Queen1