This will show Trump who’s boss!

9 January 2018 Cool Shit

Democratic women plan all-black fashion statement for State of the Union

WASHINGTON – Taking their cue from the Golden Globes, a group of Democratic women in Congress plans to wear black to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address later this month. Support for the symbolic protest is high within the Democratic Women’s Working Group, which includes all of the Democratic women in the House, Rep.

  • EarnitYourself

    I’ll apologize for the visual up front, but….

    Wouldn’t those panties just become a wedgie in her front bum?

  • EarnitYourself

    On a more serious note, does anyone think it’s coincidence not one of the first 44 presidents had idiots inappropriately bring their “issue du jour” into the SOTU address?

    The fact is, this event and venue are for the president to address congress and the American people on the accomplishments of the last year and the vision for the upcoming year.

    The libs are pissed over the phenomenal accomplishments of the year and are doing this for no reason other than to be a distraction from the real purpose of the event. The MSM will fall in, lockstep, and keep the cam on the libs in black when they should never be on camera.

    Let’s do a quick roll call on which of them has sponsored bills that do something about sexual harassment. Ya. None.

  • BerkeleyLifer


  • Herbsman200

    WAIT…… nothing on Carlson turning on Trump….. Geez you all should report all good and the bad…. as they say in the hood…. Carlon is #WOKE hahahaha

    • grandma954

      I just watch it, he really didn’t turn on him ,not really . Just wants to know why hes not doing what we voted him in to do. But I wouldn’t want to be the one to send all those kids to a place they don’t know. I see Trumps side on this. I think Obama left this to the next president on purpose ,he knew what he was doing.!!!. No matter what he dose, If he sends them back it makes him look mean to those kids and if he don’t send them back then he looks weak to the people who voted for this. Its a tight spot for anyone. Im just glad its not me…

      • Herbsman200

        He called the president a flip flopper. Now look at Bannon look like trouble for the top trump supporters.

        • grandma954

          No I think its just people that want their 15 min’s of fame. Bannon’s out he got mad and acted like all little brats… All the ones that are getting outed are acting like spoiled brats.. Havent you noticed

          • Herbsman200

            Al I know is we are seeing a 4 year rerun of the apprentice… everyone is getting fired. hahaha

  • tardisbabe

    They can’t even come up with an original idea for a protest? What a shock.