Podesta’s emails are getting interesting…

9 January 2018 Cool Shit

BOOM! Hillary Campaign Chair Podesta Was Briefed on “Gross Negligence” Phrase BEFORE IT WAS REMOVED from Comey Statement!

Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, John Podesta, received an email from an advisor on March 9, 2016, which brought up the phrase “gross negligence” in regards to the FBI’s email investigation on Hillary Clinton. The email was sent to John Podesta on March 9th – via Wikileaks: This was before the FBI agent in charge …

  • Pompano Queen1

    Love…Love the pic!

  • Lt Bil Drat
    • Pompano Queen1

      Now that is an amazing dream! Let’s make it come true!

  • EarnitYourself

    So many people belong in prison.

    I watched Comey’s “don’t charge” briefing live, and was screaming at my TV “extreme carelessness!?!? What the fuck is the difference between that and gross negligence? That sounds like Clinton gave that wording change to Lynch the other day during the tarmac meeting to legitimize the no charges decision.” A throw back to “depends what your definition of is is.”

    Mountains of solid evidence and no charges… while we watch the Trump witch hunt go on without a shred of evidence.

  • tardisbabe

    Didn’t know Meryl Streep was in Orange is the new black. I guess the devil ain’t wearing Prada after all.