Obama a narcissist? No way!

8 January 2018 Cool Shit

Hilton: David Cameron thought Obama was narcissistic

Steve Hilton tried to shatter view Barack Obama and David Cameron were close He tore into the former US President for thinking he was the smartest in the room But David Cameron’s spokesman strongly denied claim of tension between pair David Cameron thought Barack Obama was the ‘most narcissistic, self-absorbed people’ he had ever dealt with, his former strategy guru has claimed.

  • Herbsman200

    I think we are all a little narcissistic… I mean didn’t Trump tweet he was “like” a genius …hahaha

    • EarnitYourself

      He was understating it. He’s not like a genius. He is a genius.


      • Herbsman200

        HAHA if you say so. I still don’t like him.

        • EarnitYourself

          “And you get a 25K stock market! And you get a 25K stock market!….”

  • tardisbabe

    All politicians are narcissistic. They have a different set of rules than us little people and they know and can get away with it.