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Feminist business school to be run by an Art major……

7 January 2018 Cool Shit

New ‘Feminist Business School’ to Fight ‘Masculine’ Capitalism

Jennifer Armbrust has launched a “feminist business school” to defeat capitalism and provide “midwives” to give birth to new businesses.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    not a single puzzyhat ?
    i am a so disappoint…

  • tardisbabe

    So she wants to beat capitalism by charging $1200 for an eight week online course.
    Making money from people. Sure sounds like capitalism to me.

    • Charles___Darwin

      No one likes money more than a socialist.

    • grandma954

      Sounds like a scam to me. But let her make money off these fools, they deserve what they get…Stupid people.

  • EarnitYourself

    The moral of the story, and the primary lesson to be learned is “if you tie your product to one of the current, hotbed snowflake issues, you can sell it to the Snowflakes regardless.”

    The bad news is, it will be short lived.

    At least 40% of my MBA graduating class was women. They all got the same education, opportunity and results as I did. This “curriculum” is bullshit.

    • Charles___Darwin

      These degrees are like a Ponzi scheme…the only job you can get after graduating is teaching the nest round of slackers taking the same class.

      People that get these worthless degrees are the ones whining about “wage disparity”, because they’re not making as much as someone which a degree in a tangible field with a demand.

      • Pompano Queen1


  • Lt Bil Drat
    • tardisbabe

      I can’t unsee that. No self respecting woman would wear that. Ever.

    • A.W. Orst

      Smadge wtf is wrong with you? Is she from Ft Stewart?

  • tardisbabe

    If a guy wanted to take this class but was not allowed, could he sue for sexual discrimination? These days girls can join the Boy Scouts and guys can compete on girls sport teams, so it seems only fair. But I bet this woman would say no. She better save that money. She’s gonna need it when the anti Gloria Allred comes into play.