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31 December 2017 Cool Shit

NBA Coach Unloads on Trump, Says ‘Our Core Values’ as a Nation ‘Are Under Attack’

Guest post by John S. Roberts at Right Observer: The NBA’s Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr must still be upset that President Trump rescinded his team’s White House invite after a number of players said they wouldn’t attend a champions ceremony – as is customary.

  • tardisbabe

    Freedom of speech….but only if you agree with their opinions. That’s not Trump doing that. That’s the ultra left who resorts to violence to stifle other views.
    Shall we continue?

    • Charles___Darwin

      Careful, the Antifa geeks will attack you.

      • tardisbabe

        Let em try. I can give someone a Twinkie to kick their butt.

  • EarnitYourself

    “tweeted the preamble to the Constitution, which really sums up our country. And all those things are kind of under attack right now.”

    I love it when unhinged libs make vague, baseless assertions like that.

    “Really? How so?”

    “Hey! Where are you going?”