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Just another traffic law for Miami drivers to ignore…..

31 December 2017 Cool Shit

Texting ban may soon be enforced on Florida’s deadly roads

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) – Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Mark Wysocky says it is hard to separate texting drivers from drunken drivers as he cruises down a suburban interstate highway. Both weave. They speed up and slow down for no obvious reason and get too close to other cars.

  • Joe

    I see this all the time on the interstate highways. Idiots doing 80 mph & looking down texting.why not just talk on the phone through Bluetooth?

    • tardisbabe

      Better yet stay off the darn phone. The 5% of people that can do it successfully should be more worried about the 95% who can’t or shouldn’t.

  • EarnitYourself

    25 years ago, most people didn’t even own a cell phone.

    Somehow, we managed fine without them.

    I feel bad for the millenials who have such an emotional dependence on them.

    • grandma954

      They do too. The worst thing you can do is take the phone away, they act like you killed them or something…Im glad we didn’t have them back in the day.

      • EarnitYourself

        Last week I saw an extended family, table of 12, at a beachside bar/restaurant… waiting for their food. Not one of the 8 under 30s was talking. Heads down, typing and swiping. Adults were apparently fine with that.

        When I interact with them, I can see the uncomfortableness…. “I have to have interactive dialogue right here, right now? No chance to proof it or run it by a friend before I “post” it? Just ask and answer questions spontaneously as they come to us? Heavens no!!!”

        • tardisbabe

          At family dinners, this happens too and not just with the millennials, with the “our age” people. Even while the server is taking the order. Needless to say I tend to avoid family dinner now.

          • Pompano Queen1

            Replied to wrong post

      • tardisbabe

        Actually go further…..take the charger away. It’s more torture for them to watch it die than to let it disappear. And you know smart phone battery life…..a day, maybe!

        • grandma954

          Never thought of that, Great idea….lol

        • Pompano Queen1

          This is the Good one! Great idea! I bet they melt like snowflakes watching it die.

  • Jarpo

    If they ticketed all the people I see texting & driving down here, the national deficit could be paid off in about a week. In a month it would generate enough revenue that we could buy Russia, free & clear.