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28 December 2017 Cool Shit

Police disperse some 1,000 ‘disorderly’ young people at Cherry Hill Mall

Five juveniles were arrested as police worked to disperse a group of up to 1,000 unruly young people at the Cherry Hill Mall the day after Christmas. Officers responded to the mall around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday to find a large group of juveniles near the J.C. Penney wing, Cherry Hill police said.

  • tardisbabe

    I was wondering when this would show up here! I’m guessing the food court ran out of pizza and this was a protest against the establishment.

    • grandma954


  • tardisbabe

    Actually. We have the season going strong. Today’s headlines….shooting in litle haiti, Shooting in Lauderdale lakes, 2shootings in miami…..Weston needs to check in just to keep the balance.

    • SouthDade

      Don’t put too much mind to it. It’s just south Florida staying classy for the new year.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    in cannuckistan it’s called
    Boxing Day. imagine camping out all night in front of a box store
    to get $50 off a tv (that’s cdn$),
    or get trampled to death instead…

  • Lt Bil Drat

    Cherry Hill, Camden, Newark all the same.