California, land of fruit and nuts

6 December 2017 Cool Shit

California Bill to Banish Gasoline Cars by 2040 Is in The Works

A California lawmaker wants to put the state alongside China, France and the U.K. and have its legislature consider a ban on vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    help yourselves.

    no guns ?

    shovels, pitchforks, hatchets and pickaxes.

  • EarnitYourself

    “Well let me welcome everybody to the wild Wild West…. a state that’s untouchable like Elliot Ness…”

    “In 2015, there was a total number of approximately 14.5 million automobiles registered in California.”

    That’s a lot of charging stations. When I see the two charging spots tesla has put in parking lots, I wonder “what if a third and fourth one shows up needing a charge?” “How would it work if all cars were electric?”
    I can fill my tank, drive five hours or 400 miles, fill up in two minutes and do it again.

    • Charles___Darwin

      No worries, Gov. Moonbeam is on top of it.

      • EarnitYourself

        He’s so full of it, his name is Brown.

  • Lt Bil Drat

    I drive an 05 Wrangler 6 speed with a 4.0 straight six and an 02 Super Dyna with a 1450. My gas issues are my own. Not a nanny states. I pay for it knowing very well how much mileage I do or don’t get. Fuck Commiefornia.

    • Charles___Darwin

      They want to be just like Europe, which is sad. California is a car culture, so I doubt if it will happen.
      The lefties love the little electric cars. leo DiCaprio has one. Saves gas when he drives to the airport to board his private jet.

      • Lt Bil Drat

        No carbon footprint there…ask Al Gore

    • Charles___Darwin

      Currently have the Ram 1500 Hemi, tuned to 400HP. Passes everything but a gas station.

      • Lt Bil Drat

        That’s what I’m talking about.