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14 November 2017 Cool Shit

FBI: Anti-white hate crimes are fastest growing in America. What’s decreasing, you would never expect

A new poll showed that nearly half of white Southerners believe that “white people are currently under attack in this country” and a FBI report confirms that they’re not just whistling Dixie. The FBI’s 2016 Hate Crime Statistics report indicates that racially motivated offenses committed against white people are the fastest growing hate crimes in America.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    … not just whistling Dixie …
    Lol !

  • Herbsman200

    AWWWWW I guess people really forgot history. This was bound to happen. I am not condoning any violence but did you really think one race is protected from crime.

    • EarnitYourself

      Nope. It’s not coincidence that this phenomenon came at the end of 8 years of Obama fanning the flames of racial tension?

      Hell, he has people like you and Kaepernick thinking it’s unjust for cops to shoot criminals.
      They shoot them because the criminals think they can refuse to follow simple orders like “drop the weapon”, “don’t move ” and “put the vehicle in park and turn it off”.

      We need to get everyone in the country back to understanding that doing that will get you killed, regardless of color.

  • Herbsman200

    ONE MORE….HAHAHA nothing on Trump tweeting about the wrong mass shooting…hahaha

    • Charles___Darwin

      What did Hillary have to say about it….oh yeah, I forgot, no one cares, she isn’t President.

      • Herbsman200

        Who cares? Just like you said she is not president.

      • Pompano Queen1


  • Herbsman200
  • Lt Bil Drat
  • Pompano Queen1

    Thanks for posting this Charles! It so sadly true about the bounty on cops and white Americans! Time for form White Lives Matter!