JT3 located, he’s an advisor to the KIm Jong Un.

13 November 2017 Cool Shit

US ‘would LOSE war with North Korea’ as it has far less troops than Jong-un’s

DONALD Trump would “lose a war against North Korea” because his troops would be “outnumbered” by Kim Jong-un’s 1.2million fighters, it has been claimed. Lieutenant General Jan-Marc Jouas, the former Deputy Commander of US forces in Korea, said the US would not even be able to build-up their forces before a war took place, in a chilling letter to the Democrats, seen by Newsweek.

  • Joe

    Just wait until Kim has his next massive military parade and MOAB the shit outta them. A 21st century Pearl Harbor.

    • Charles___Darwin

      His military parades are bullshit. More like halftime shows.

  • Pompano Queen1

    Porkie Norkie!