More self-hating liberals promoting white guilt

11 November 2017 Cool Shit

Florida Gulf Coast Offering A “White Racism” Class This Spring

Starting in the spring, Florida Gulf Coast University will begin offering a course with a controversial name, “White Racism” Dr. Ted Thornhill, the teacher of the planned class, says that White Racism “will interrogate the concept of race; examine the racist ideologies, laws, policies, and practices that have operated for hundreds of years to maintain white racial domination over those racialized as non-white.”

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    my u days are long behind me.
    🎵 “my lack of education
    hasn’t hurt me none
    i can read the writing on the wall” 🎵

    it is crystal clear:
    Now more than ever, like
    🎵 “my mama told me,
    you better shop around,
    yeah, you better shop around” 🎵

  • Joe
  • I have no feelings of guilt about anything. Call me a sociopath, I won’t mind in the least.

    • BerkeleyLifer

      I second that notion 👍🏻

  • BerkeleyLifer

    Florida man has been served with an eviction notice over his emotional support squirrel.

    Ryan Boylan, 40, of Clearwater, says he needs Brutis to deal with anxiety from a long ago car accident but Island Walk Condominiums says the squirrel needs to vacate the premises because she is putting other residents at risk.

    “I am not sure how any animal that weighs less than 2 pounds can harm anyone,” he told WFTS-TV.

    Boylan told the station he fell in love with Brutis after nursing her back to health after Hurricane Matthew more than a year ago. The squirrel has the run of Boylan’s apartment. One of her perches is the ceiling fan.

    “There’s just no way I would give her up,” he told the station in a report Friday.

    The condo board found out about Brutis in April when a dog chased the squirrel up a tree, WFLA-TV reported Friday.

    Boyland was served with eviction papers last month.

    The complaint says Boylan never submitted paperwork claiming Brutis was an emotional support animal until this past summer, according to the station.

    Boylan says his doctor gave him a note for the squirrel in July “due to his emotional disability.”

    In response to a discrimination complaint from Boylan, the Florida Office of Human Rights sent the condo board a letter saying that emotional support animals were protected under the Fair Housing Act, the station reported.

    “It’s just like with any animal, you can have the nicest dog and they could bite somebody, it’s no guarantee,” Sherry Arfa, a former condo board member, told WFLA. “If it was a gerbil or something that your grandkid had hiding under the bed, I’m sure that would be fine. But a squirrel is a wild animal.”


  • EarnitYourself

    “discuss ways to challenge and disrupt white racism and dethrone white supremacy in the service of engendering an anti-racist society where whiteness is not tied to greater life chances.”

    For this course to have a hint of credibility, they should at least talk about blackness not being tied to lesser life chances, rather than what they are saying, but that’s beside the point.

    Will the course be covering how it is whitie’s fault that often among black people:
    They have kids they can’t afford so they end up in ghetto hoods where crime is high
    Dad takes off or is taken off so there’s no positive male role model in the home
    School is daycare and education isn’t valued so the kids don’t seek or get an education
    The gang becomes a stronger family to young kids than the biological family
    And they grow up and have more of the same – The Circle of Life.

    Like all lib psycho-babble, the course outline is filled with accusatory generalities with no concrete examples of the tools or practices that accomplish this alleged “racism and supremacy”.

    So lacking that… suck it!

    Will they be covering lower admission standards for blacks at the university?
    How about minimum minority employment quotas?
    How about how the government forces their vendors to do a percentage of their business with minority owned businesses?

    • Herbsman200

      So in your eyes racism only exists in the black community? Are you really that ignorant Grand supreme Earnie

      • EarnitYourself

        Lol. So now I’m a pizza???

        Tell me what white privilege is. Be specific. Cite examples of how it works. Don’t hand me your usual parrot lines like “if you don’t see it, you’re the problem”.

        Here are examples of black privilege:

        “I got into college when more qualified candidates did not”
        “I got hired over more qualified applicants because my employer needed to reach some quotas.”
        “My company had layoffs, but they were only performance based among the white male employees. Women and blacks were not looked at, regardless of performance.”
        “I can riot, burn, loot and throw rocks at cops and they will stand down, even though they’re armed.”

        Your turn.

        • Herbsman200

          SO are you saying there is no white privileged…. I need you to explain Red and Blue zoning… I’m sure you know of what I am speaking of. Why is it loans are harder to get the darker your complexion? What about the college social experiment where a both a white kid and a black kid were openly brandishing a AR in an open carry state but the white kid got just one officer asking why are you carrying that weapon but the black kid… 3 cops cars came for him with weapons drawn? Please Earn you know as well as I you see a black kid you immediately think thug or criminal. Stop with your BS.

          • EarnitYourself

            More BS.
            Do you wear gloves when you pull this shit out of your ass?

            “The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) is a United States law (codified at 15 U.S.C. § 1691 et seq.), enacted 28 October 1974,[1] that makes it unlawful for any creditor to discriminate against any applicant, with respect to any aspect of a credit transaction, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or age ”

            As for the open carry. That was not a “college social experiment”. It was two independent events that got put together into a race baiting video, made to look like an experiment.

            Did you notice the white guy was a geek with the weapon upside down, thrown around his back where he was nowhere near ready to fire? He’s holding a big video cam in front of him.
            Whereas the black dude has it slung straight down to his side, with his right hand positioned to grab it, lift and fire? He has a phone in his hand.


            Do we even want to open the discussion on whether the cops are racist, or they just pay attention to stats?

          • Herbsman200

            OOOH boy Earn are you really that dumb…. it doesn’t matter how the rifle was sitting on either person…both should have gotten the same treatment. Christ all these years I thought you were one of the good ones. You just like that white trash Pompano… do you believe blacks are messing up European White America too.

          • EarnitYourself

            Wrong again. The threat is very much defined by the readiness to shoot.
            But again. You miss the point.

            Not to mention you think these two incidents are a depiction of life in America, every day. They are cherry picked, independent videos that were put into one to race bait. “The last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.”

          • Herbsman200


            so this lady is Lying about race…you are really dumb if you think there is no such thing as white privilege. Go ahead say it was staged.

          • EarnitYourself

            Which lady? You do know that that’s a show called What Would You Do where they have actors intentionally say really shitty (racist in this episode) things and strangers jump in and strike it down, showing the non-racism that exists today.

            Watch it!

            So WTF are you talking about?

            Oh, did your wife dump you for a white dude? Is that what these hissy fits are about lately?

          • Herbsman200

            HAHAHAH I wish she would leave me I would have way more money… I make the money in my home I don’t live off my wife… I guess that’s what you are used to but I’m a man I stand on my own. The point of that is yes there are actors to bring out the worst in people but did you hear the non actor said… That was why I posted that..I’m sure you knew that but you want to play dummy.

  • grandma954

    WAIT, what did I just read???? Who comes up with this stuff anyway? Who started the “white people should feel guilty or the white privilege thing anyway? And why are we white people putting up with it. No one gave me anything. Guilty/ I think not….

    • Herbsman200

      G-Ma you are one of the few that worked hard for what they have…. I think they are talking about the entitled brats that i see everyday in Boca.

      • EarnitYourself

        So you never got a government loan or grant for starting your business?
        You aren’t categorized as a minority owned business, which means you’re strongly advantaged over those lazy white people who couldn’t get any assistance getting started, because they were white, but have to compete with you?

        • Herbsman200

          NO I bid on Gov’t contracts I don’t get gov’t loans or grants… You need to speak on what you know and don’t sound stupid.

          • EarnitYourself

            It’s a simple, yes or no question, Herbie. When you bid on those government contracts, is your company identified as minority owned?

            Yes or no.

          • Herbsman200

            NO … there you go talking shit you don’t know again. My company has not benefited from any gov’t program… I guess you forgot way back when I explained I was denied every loan I applied for so I built my shit on my own. I bid just like everyone else. White Black Blue or Green.

          • EarnitYourself

            So are you blaming the loan thing on racism, or could it be that the lenders saw too much risk?

            So why don’t you identify as a minority owned business?

            I know you’re not real bright, but the way you black folks spread the word on how to game the system, I’d think you’d know that you can get a serious hand up on your enetitled white competition if you do identify yourself as such.

          • Herbsman200

            When did I say my not getting a loan was racism?
            OOOH so now I should “get over” just because I’m black…go sit your ass down clown. You sound stupid.

          • EarnitYourself

            So are you ready to be honest? I know you’re upset, but that’s no reason to lie to cover up how your business is advantaged because you’re black(DR).
            Or is your business really just a front for your “other” business venture(s)?

          • Herbsman200

            Yeah I’m a big drug dealer Earn…Thats the only way a black man can make it in this country right…either we rap, know how to thow a ball or sell drugs… and you say you not racist. OK grand wizard

          • EarnitYourself

            Why do you keep putting words in my mouth and then condemning me for saying them, when I Didn’t?

            Oh, because you’re a cuck.

            There are plenty of ways to use a storefront in Miami Gardens besides selling drugs out of it. My thought was money laundering.
            But, since you immediately went to that one and denied it so vehemently with no accusation, I’ll assume it’s true. You are from an island and your wife does live on one currently. You do drive a pimp daddy car.
            I mean come on… a computer fix-it store in the Gardens? What’s your street name? Hard Drive?

            Your secret is safe with me, bud!

          • Herbsman200

            I shared my accomplishments with you all because I am proud of what I have done thus far. So why would I need to launder money if it wasn’t for drugs Earn. What you saying don’t make any sense. I notice you didn’t say G-Ma’s business is a front why? I guess she is only capable of obtaining a business the legitimate way and I can’t Why is your perception of me so skewed? RACISM!!!! see I knew I would get it out of you… oh great wizard…lol

          • EarnitYourself

            You can’t fool me, pal. I know you and G-ma are bidness partners. You need to rename that cigarette boat you have in slip 23 at her marina to something other than “Herbsman”. False hull or not, the name is a dead giveaway.

            Say… can I be The Grand Poobah?

            Great wizard makes me feel like I ought to know magic tricks or how to cast spells or something.

            Grand supreme wasn’t bad yesterday, but we need to add “Thick Pan” or something.

          • Herbsman200

            I guess you forgot where I got that name from… I feel like we meeting each other for the 1st time again… It was a name given to me by my frat brothers when I was on line. Nothing to do with weed.

          • EarnitYourself

            Jesus, Herb. It was a joke about running weed in though the marina. Nothing more.

            Do you squeak when you walk these days, puckerbutt?

          • EarnitYourself

            I also forgot the other name you used when you were in the teen chat rooms.
            What was that one again?

          • Herbsman200


          • EarnitYourself

            Now that was good. Lmao.

          • Herbsman200

            Cmon ,man you left yourself wide open f that.

          • EarnitYourself

            True, but one doesn’t expect a mentally challenged dude like yourself to capitalize on it.
            The other funny part is with the way you are constantly putting racist words in my mouth, you may as well post under my name, right?

          • Lt Bil Drat

            That was like a dozens answer. Lmao.

          • Charles___Darwin

            C’mon Earn……Herb isn’t JT3.

          • EarnitYourself

            Well, he theems tho thenthitive lately!

    • Pompano Queen1

      Amen Granny! I’m so with you on this!

  • Herbsman200
  • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

    How about a class on black racism, make if fair. There are so many racist groups of color that it’s only fair. Oh that’s right it won’t happen because the truth is not what Libertards are interested in. They only promote their lying bullshit racist agenda. Pathetic.

    • Pompano Queen1