Louis C.K. to change his name to Louis C.ocK.

10 November 2017 Cool Shit

Louis C.K. admits to sexual misconduct: ‘These stories are true’

Louis C.K. has released a statement admitting guilt and apologizing following accusations from multiple women of sexual misconduct – including claims he masturbated in front of them or while on the phone – that ran Thursday in the New York Times. “These stories are true,” C.K.

  • Charles___Darwin

    I always thought this guy was a jerk off, but I never thought he literally was.

    • Joe

      Remember his series on HBO lucky Louie? He was always in his closet beating his meat. I knew this dude had skeletons in his closet šŸ˜‚. Who’s next??

      • SouthDade

        Can’t wait to know who else will drop from the Hollywood lights. This keeps getting better by the day.

        • Joe

          Me too, I think Weinstein triggered all this šŸ˜‚

          • Charles___Darwin

            All Hollywood leftists are hypocritical scumbags. They’ve been exposed.

          • tardisbabe

            Absolutely. If people can take down a superpower like Weinstein, then everyone else is vulnerable. My msn feed today was nothing but this person being accused of this thing.
            Edit, by this Iļø mean (insert actor name here)being accused of stuff.

  • Lt Bil Drat


  • Jarpo

    What I find interesting is that none of these harassment claims have been against any attractive actors/producers, like George Clooney wasn’t picking up some unknown/D-level actress at a bar by talking about a role in one of his vanity piece movies and banging them at some hotel? No it’s always super hot actresses complaining about having to blow someone who owns a movie studio or chubby guy that directs $200 million dollar block busters.

    • grandma954

      Yep and they all waited till now to all come out at once.. Hummmm .. This is not new, this is the way its been for ever….