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9 November 2017 Cool Shit

Controversial Drexel professor blames ‘whiteness’ for Texas church shooting

“Whiteness” caused Texas church shooter Devin Kelley to open fire on parishioners Sunday, killing 26 people, according to a controversial Drexel University professor. George Ciccariello-Maher, the liberal professor who was booted from campus for tweets blaming the Las Vegas massacre on “Trumpism” and “white victimization,” now claims white “entitlement” is the motivating factor behind mass-shootings.

  • Charles___Darwin

    He has the face you just hate. What a smug cuck.

  • grandma954

    He looks like a jackass. People have lost their minds, Don’t drink the water people.

  • Pompano Queen1

    What an idiot! Doesn’t know what he talking about and yet poisons the minds of many with his cool aid.

    • tardisbabe

      Thank you. This wasn’t about whiteness. It was some jerk with family issues not race issues. He should,blame the government for this. As I️ said before had the military done a job this guy should have never been allowed to get a gun. Sad part is he probably would have found a way to get one anyway.

  • tardisbabe

    “Though Ciccariello-Maher acknowledged he didn’t know all the facts about the Texas massacre, he said feelings of frustrated “entitlement” and an “institutional apparatus that trains people in violence” and makes them feel “they’re on the losing side of history” can lead them to “resort to violence.”

    His blame for Texas on someone’s whiteness on something he admits he knows little about,…Losing side of history resorting to violence…..not a new concept and not limited to whiteness.
    I’ve been white all my life and have not once met someone who would do such acts for any reason.

  • Charles___Darwin

    Typical liberal arts professor. The only thing he can do is teach, and he’s so used to bullying students he actually thinks he’s important. Now he’s learned to spout outrageous nonsense (in liberal arts speak) to get his 15 minutes of fame.

  • EarnitYourself

    Herbie be like “Call me, George. I think you’re a genius.”

  • Herbsman200

    we should all learn from these kids !!!! Especially you Grand Wizard Earnie


    • EarnitYourself

      Lmao. Grand Wizard. That’s good.
      Does she really think the blonde has any money on her? What’s with the choke hold?

      At least they’re teaching the blonde kid young so when she gets older, she’ll know that black people are inherently violent, and you’re not allowed to talk about it. It’s a black privilege thing.

      • Herbsman200

        LOL is that what you got out of the video. Sucks to be you. Everyone else saw two people just loving each others company.

        • EarnitYourself

          Look, I know you people have impulse control issues, but please… don’t share your “collection” with us.
          Not even the clothed pics, you sick puppy.

          • Herbsman200

            Yet I posted a video filled with love and look at the crap you come up with… Now I see the comparison with you and Pompano you two deserve each other. Online grand wizard ass

          • EarnitYourself

            Dude that was funny shit. You’re just mad that you were the brunt of the joke.

            You need a hug, homey? How about we sing? Join me on the second stanza…

            “I’d like to teach the world to sing, boom boom boom… in perfect harmony..

          • Herbsman200

            Joke what joke? you need to get from in front of that computer and go outside…that wasn’t funny.

          • EarnitYourself

            If you weren’t such a sensitive little cuck, you’d have found it funny.
            Instead, you “declare” it not funny.

          • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

            Libs are not the same folks they used to be anymore. Well since last November that is!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAA