Professor JT3 to teach at Hahvahd.

8 November 2017 Cool Shit

Harvard University hosts anal sex workshop – The College Fix

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – A workshop at Harvard University on Tuesday night delved into the ins and outs of anal sex, with a presenter denouncing the “stupidity of abstinence” and the joys of “putting things in your butt,” according to a College Fix reporter who attended the event.

  • Lt Bil Drat
    • Pompano Queen1


  • tardisbabe

    No. The rectum is an exit, not an entrance. There is a reason our bodies are designed that way.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany


  • Pompano Queen1

    “Joy of putting things up your butt” at Harvard????? What has that college turned into???

    • tardisbabe

      Yeah really! You’d expect this type of course at some liberal college but Harvard. SMH

  • SouthDade

    This workshop is probably one of the most interesting learning experiences many students in college will ever get these days.