Another “only in Florida” story….

3 November 2017 Cool Shit

Florida woman charged with DUI on horse

LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) – A 53-year-old woman riding a horse down a busy Florida highway has been arrested and charged with driving drunk. Polk County Sheriff’s officials said in a news release that someone called 911 about a woman, who appeared confused and possibly in danger.

  • Pompano Queen1

    ha ha ha… what an idiot!

  • Charles___Darwin

    And no, I wouldn’t.

    • EarnitYourself

      What about the horse?

      • Charles___Darwin

        If I had to pick, it would be the horse.

        • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii


  • tardisbabe

    53? Wow.
    I hope the horse is ok.