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Woman charged with killing girl by sitting on her

17 October 2017 WSVN

Woman charged with killing girl by sitting on her

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) – Authorities say a 325-pound (150-kilogram) woman has been charged with killing a 9-year-old girl by sitting on the child as punishment. The Pensacola News Journal reports that 64-year-old Veronica Green Posey was arrested Saturday and charged with homicide and cruelty toward a child.

  • Rijomi2

    what is going on today with my news feed? This is the third child killer. I really thought it was a joke.

    • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

      Wow two today. Then the savage in Maryland. Someone here said only white people di o that. Guess that’s number 3 today!!!!

      • Rijomi2

        I wasn’t having any of his Trump was insensitive with people unlike him based on one incident. He tried to dodge and misdirect. Couldn’t even get his lone incident as proof right.

        • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

          I know, good for you not taking his bullshit and misdirection.

          • EarnitYourself

            I call it wack-a-mole arguing. Once you blow his point out of the water, rather than concede, he pops up “over there” with something completely unrelated, like “well, what about when everybody used to call Obama a monkey?” when the discussion was the Puerto Rico relief effort (example – not actual)

  • Herbsman200

    I didn’t believe this one when I first read it this morning as well. Sad just Sad

  • Pompano Queen1

    Another crazy bitch!

  • grandma954

    God help us all….People have lost their minds.

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    it was an ass-ass-ination.

  • SouthDade

    What an awful way to go.