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CNN says Trump’s choice of USA hat was very unethical

4 September 2017 CNN

Ethics group: Trump shouldn’t wear campaign hat on trip to support Harvey victims

What has also received air time?The “Official USA 45th Presidential Hat,” for sale by Trump’s campaign for $40. The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, points out that the president has been pictured wearing the hat, both in red and in white, in two official photos released by the White House.

  • Who are the people who sit around and write this crap?

    • tardisbabe

      People who have nothing better to do than pretend they are fashion police. Meanwhile what are they doing for hurricane victims?

    • grandma954

      Their called losers . I loved what I saw of our first lady and our POTUS . First class all the way..

  • EarnitYourself

    I love it. Keep it up, left tards. Just keep whining about silly shit and show the undecideds what you’re made of.

  • tardisbabe

    Nothing wrong with it. They bitch he didn’t show up for a fewer days and now they bitch over their choice of attire. As if the hat and shoes are more important.

  • Lt Bil Drat
    • Charles___Darwin

      I’ve seen worse……

    • 1Caryn

      Is that a girl or a guy wearing it?

      • Lt Bil Drat

        Ok I give up…..

        • 1Caryn