Want credit for studying social justice? Here are more than 100 colleges with academic programs

24 June 2017 Edgeumakation Snowflakes

Want credit for studying social justice? Here are more than 100 colleges with academic programs – The College Fix

More than 100 colleges and universities in the U.S. now offer formal academic programs in “social justice,” giving students credit for studying intersectionality, oppression, privilege, gender pronouns and racial minorities, according to research by The College Fix.

  • For a mere 259k you too can earn a degree in social justice.

    • Clyde

      Almost as useless a degree as one in Etruscan Cave Painting.

  • Rijomi2

    Not mine. The degree and 3 hours training will qualify you for a job as a barista where you can relate to the conversation of your customers

  • skydove

    The social justice programs are a fermentation tank for progressives, who use them to train more evangelists for their POV. They hope to use the cadres thus created to do the heavy lifting of shaming people with productive jobs into making sacrificial contributions to income redistribution schemes that won’t burden the 0.1%, who are sponsoring the SJ programs’ promoters. The latter hope, further, to be able to take the money and run before the bubble bursts (because, e.g., the student loan marketplace has self-destructed, the parents have caught on, the graduates have demonstrated disastrously costly ineptitude, &c, &c). Meanwhile, a relatively harmless diversion.

  • Sultan of Sanford

    Social justice is crapola!

  • BooBooBaby

    Gag me!!

    If every Unintelligent SJW studies this…..Omg! **I shudder to think about this**

    Wait, what kind of job are ALL of these Deranged SJW’s going to get!?

    Oh Dear Lord Jesus Christ God in Heaven help us ALL!! Please!!!!

  • Clyde

    Another degree for the intellectually challenged of the world.

  • EarnitYourself

    “But while these programs often promise to prepare students to “promote social diversity and social justice” and become activists, social justice advocates and nonprofit workers, the extent to which these degrees pay off is unclear.”

    Bullshit. They very clearly don’t pay off. After all, they can’t pay off, or by definition, they’d be inherently hypocritical. You can’t be financially successful when your job is to whine about the unfairness of the system.