Feminist Stalks Random People at Airport Bar to Find Person Who Sent Her ‘Pepe the Frog’ Image

23 June 2017 Libtards Snowflakes Social Media

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It doesn’t take a lot to offend people these days, and for some people, sending them an unsolicited picture of Pepe the Frog is (literally!) terrorism.

Renee Bracey Sherman

One man’s mistake was thinking it would be funny to use his Macbook to send pictures of Pepe the Frog to other computers at the airport using Apple’s AirDrop app. While most people have their AirDrop set to only receive files from trusted computers, Renee Bracey Sherman left hers open for anyone to send her files, and her response to receiving the picture of Pepe was to cry about “white supremacists” on Twitter.

In a long series of tweets, all of which have received thousands of likes, Sherman called what he did a “threat,” “harassment,” and even “terrorism.”

“This shit isn’t about a difference in politics. It’s about threats,” wrote Sherman, a black feminist who brags about having an abortion in her Twitter bio. “It’s about harassment. It’s about making people of color feel unsafe.”

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“I’m minding my own business, with my headphones on, and white supremacist Jacob just can’t leave me the fuck alone. This is terrorism.”

She got all that from an image of a cartoon frog.

Sherman then made the effort to track down the person who sent her the Pepe the Frog image by stalking people at the airport bar until she found “Jacob.” Having found him, Sherman says she “cussed him out” for sending her the image, and followed that up with eight tweets with pictures of a man who allegedly sent her Pepe.

There is no real evidence that the “Jacob” she photographed sent her any images—not that it would excuse her overreaction to a cartoon frog.

Dubbing the man a “white supremacist” and “digital terrorizer,” Sherman wrote: “White supremacists like Jacob, you’re on notice. It might be giggles with buddies online, but I will cuss you the fuck out like I did Jacob.”

Had she uploaded a video of her freak-out session, there’s little doubt whose side the public would have taken in the encounter. After all, things didn’t work out so well for Zarna Joshi, the Seattle feminist who accused “Hugh Mungus” of sexual harassment.

In the meantime, feminists on Twitter are getting high on the outrage fumes and calling for “Jacob” to be doxed and fired from work.

“YAY, I hope his ass gets fired,” wrote Kelly Ellis, the former Google software engineer who made allegations of sexual harassment while at the company. “Also hope that when we find out his full name, his actions will forever be remembered by search engines. Whoopsie on Jacob’s part!”

“You are the best,” echoed webcomic artist R Stevens.

  • Fuckin snowflakes

  • Jarpo

    Can you imagine being called into your boss’ office and he says he has to fire you for texting a cartoon frog that is somehow racist? This is the world we are living in, SMH.

    • I put one on the back of my classic VW just to totally mind fuck the liberals. The hippies always come up to me, gawking over the VW, but when they see the stickers walk away. It actually happened this morning while I was at Walmart buying so fishing gear.

    • EarnitYourself

      It is pathetic. I can’t wait to retire. Financially independent for life, and answering to nobody on issues of political correctness. I laugh out loud at some of the stuff the old guys in my building have no hesitation to say. No filter. None needed.

      I don’t “need” to work, but the work is tit and the money’s pretty good. But it does keep me biting my tongue more than I’d prefer.

      On that note, my “team” is on a team building event this afternoon. I work remotely, so I had (by choice) to miss the circle jerk. Think I’ll go bond without a barstool at a tiki bar.

  • tardisbabe

    I never ever heard of Pepe the frog so I honestly don’t know why it is racist. What I do know based on this article is that this woman is a complete stalker and needs help. Quickly.