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Snowflakes Harass Pro-Trump Speaker: ‘WHITE TRASH NAZIS’

18 June 2017 Libtards

Two women followed through streets of Cudahy by mob of protesters “WHITE TRASH NAZIS”

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Snowflakes Harass Pro-Trump Speaker: ‘WHITE TRASH NAZIS’ (VIDEO) – Big League Politics

A mob of protesters followed two women, including a pro-Trump speaker, as they left a townhall event in Cudahy, California. Latinos For Trump member Denise Zamora, who organized the anti-Sharia Law march last weekend in San Bernardino, spoke at a townhall event and got a dose of millennial reality outside as she made her way …

  • Charles___Darwin

    The left draws the white trash, who else besides the welfare class has that much time to protest?

    • tardisbabe

      Well, I do…But I have better things to do with my life. Even it if means just Netflix and chill.

      • Charles___Darwin

        BUt I’m sure that you worked to get where you’re at today. The liberals leech off the system their whole lives.

        • I know one who works and also collects disability at the same time, while complaining that the rich don’t pay enough in taxes. Guess who he voted for?

          • BerkeleyLifer

            His motto must be ” I gots to get mines”!

          • Beavis the Great

            Mo gibs!

          • tardisbabe

            I’d say I would like to know how they do it, but seeing how long it takes the govt to catch up to it, I’m not shocked. With my luck, if I tried it, they’d nail us in a day.

          • This person is working under the table. I also know another, mother of a family friend, who is on disability for a ‘foot problem’ she suffered from being an ex heroin addict. This woman also works WALKING DOGS, while collecting money from the Gov and bitching that the conservatives are the problem.

            I reported another family member of mine who was trying to sell her EBT card points on Facebook for half value. She is the reason I’m not on FB any more.

            While I’m all for disability when valid, the only people I know personally who have used Gov assistance are ones who have taken advantage of the system. If the US could somehow stop/slowdown the fraud then it would make things a lot easier for those who really need help.

        • tardisbabe

          We did. Last year was the first time ever we have needed aid. It’s been a real eye opening experience, for sure.

          • Charles___Darwin

            Sorry to hear that, hope things improve.

  • Rijomi2

    Seriously why are people paying attention to a demonstration of less than 30 people mostly what appears Mexican sprinkled with white trash. Looks like a march from subsidized housing to the local convenience store.

    • tardisbabe

      Kind of a same reason we look at car crashes….you just can’t help but look.

      • Rijomi2

        This one is more like a bike wreck. At first I thought the kid was shouting “ice cream” then realizing it was “our street”

    • Beavis the Great

      We like mocking them.