Happy Father’s Day from liberal site Jezebel.com?

18 June 2017 Lifezette Parenting Fail Twitter Machine

  • I’m no psychologist, however I’d be more than willing to bet the person who wrote those tweets for Jezebel had a shitty father. That or this snowflake isn’t happy with shis’ stepdad.

    • EarnitYourself

      I’m pretty sure the person took dad to a WNBA game for Father’s Day. Dad has a mullet, a great collection of flannel shirts, wrangler jeans and timberland boots.
      Oh, and a bloated camel toe if the image above wasn’t complete.

      • Lt Bil Drat 🇺🇸

        I believe that would be a non disguised moose knuckle.

  • BooBooBaby

    Looks like people at Libtard “Jezebal” are totally obsessed with President Trump and children. Pretty Sick!

    They should seek Mental Health…..they have serious issues.

  • Rijomi2

    Celeb site part of Gawker. Rest my case that it’s not worth anyone’s time.

  • tardisbabe

    Wow. For us, every day is Father’s Day. Every day he is still here is a good day. Fucking assholes, grr i wish I could knock them out…..I never been on that site, but thank you for giving me just one reason not to bother!