Starbucks Baristas Mock and Bully Female Customer in Trump T- Shirt

16 June 2017 Gateway Pundit Libtards

Via – Gateway Pundit

In Dilworth. NC, a women claims she was harassed by Starbucks baristas for wearing a T- shirt that read; “Build the Wall”. 

A woman identified as Kayla Hart told Fox46 that she was harassed by baristas at Starbucks for political reasons. She was wearing a T- shirt that read “Build the Wall”, supporting President Trump’s immigration policies when the Starbucks employees rudely shouted at and mocked the Trump supporter for her passive and harmless political statement. She claims they shouted “build a wall!” at her several times, and shoved the cup of coffee at her aggressively instead of serving it to her properly.

“I don’t know what politics has to do with getting a cup of coffee,”, Ms. Hart said to Fox46.

“They shouted out ‘Build a wall’ and shoved a drink at me and then all the baristas in the back started cracking up laughing,” Hart said. “I just walked out because everyone was staring.”

Starbucks had a statement on the incident: “We failed to meet this customer’s expectations of us, and we have apologized and are working directly with her to make it right. This experience is not consistent with our standards or the welcoming and respectful experience we aim to provide every customer who visit our stores. We have spoken with our store partners about this situation and are using this as a coaching opportunity for the future.”

Ms. Hart says; “This isn’t me trying to get people to stop going to Starbucks,” she said. “I just want it to be put out there so people know this is what’s occurring. I don’t think it’s right you should be humiliated for wearing a t-shirt with your opinion on it.”

It is no secret where Starbucks’ political affiliations lay, but hopefully they make a genuine effort to do right by this customer and correct the unexeptable behavior of their employees.

  • From now on I will call any Starbucks customer/employee a ‘Latte Liberal’. Love it!

    • Pompano Queen1


  • Pompano Queen1

    Starcrunk’s is already on my boycott list!

    • BooBooBaby

      Yup! Mine too!!

      Hahaha! Those “Adult-Children” that work there are the Looney Libtard College Students and Graduates!! What a Waste!

    • Charles___Darwin

      I think it’s overpriced, but I may stop by in my MAGA hat this weekend.

      • Pompano Queen1

        Ha ha Charles did you?

  • BooBooBaby

    I already Stopped going to Starbucks because of BS like this.
    We, myself and my husband and family, have not only Stopped spending money at the Starbucks Stores….we also Stopped buying their Products!!


  • RastusClay

    Overpriced crap with a side order of attitude.

    • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

      Libertard attitude.

  • EarnitYourself

    I don’t do Starbucks. I like robust Colombian bean strong coffee with milk and half a sugar. That’s never worth more than $2.

    But, if I were her, I would’ve cancelled the order. No way I’d have drank the coffee. Don’t know what’s in it. There’s only one way they feel they have power. 🤐

    • Rijomi2

      your earn and broke !
      im rish end drink
      jamaykan blew mounten !

  • disqus_j5Nj3oxoii

    Where I live there are a lot of Starbucks around. Because of Starbucks liberal leaning and the fact that they don’t want me in there armed , I haven’t been to one in over 4 years. I go to the locally owned coffee places in my town. They are usually much less expensive, and the quality is just as good. And the money stays local. My dislike of Starbucks was affirmed a few months ago when they decided hiring immigrants was a better idea than hiring veterans. FUCK STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!