A closer look at James Hodgkinson

15 June 2017 Conspiracy Theory Deep State Filthy Criminals

Source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/congressional-shooter-loved-bernie-sanders-hated-racist-and-sexist-republicans

Quote 1: “James Hodgkinson’s first foster daughter committed suicide by lighting herself on fire, and he beat his second foster daughter. Three months ago he took “target practice” at home.”

Quote 2: “Hodgkinson was the foster the father of at least two girls. The first, Wanda Ashley Stock, 17, committed suicide in 1996 by pouring gasoline on herself and setting herself on fire after a few months of living with the Hodgkinsons, the Belleville News-Democrat reports. The Hodgkinsons gave an interview to the paper after her suicide, calling her a “very practical, level-headed girl.””

Quote 3: “In 2002, Hodgkinson became the foster father of another girl whom he allegedly abused, according to police record.”


Source: http://www.bnd.com/news/local/crime/article156131139.html

  1. Then in December 2002, the Hodgkinsons assumed legal guardianship for their 12-year-old great-niece, Cathy Lynn Putnam. Cathy’s biological parents’ rights had been revoked, and she had been in foster care or with the Hodgkinsons since she was 4 years old. Her name was eventually changed to Cathy Hodgkinson.

However, in the couple’s last annual report regarding the girl, they said she was returned to state custody on July 7, 2006; court documents did not state why the judge took that action.

In a court document filed on Dec. 26, 2006, the Hodgkinsons wrote: “Since then His Honor has seen fit to award guardianship of Cathy to our next-door neighbors, which is a quite stressful and uncomfortable situation for our family.”

Source: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/shooter-had-long-history-of-run-ins-with-police-around/article_45e271e3-15b8-5664-8f45-05e0cd0f998c.html

  1. A judge later returned the teen to the custody of the Illinois Division of Children and Family Services and awarded guardianship to Friedeck, who lived near the Hodgkinsons at the time. Friedeck later adopted the girl.

All of the charges stemming from the incident, which included two counts of battery with intent to cause bodily harm and damaging a motor vehicle, were dismissed in August 2006 when the victims failed to appear in court.

Friedeck, who now lives in Colorado, said she recalls multiple incidents involving Hodgkinson mistreating neighborhood animals. She said the teenage girl she eventually adopted was poorly treated while the Hodgkinsons were her guardians. She called him “one of the worst humans ever.”

The teen Friedeck adopted after the Hodgkinsons lost guardianship died in 2015, as an adult, of a heroin overdose in 2015, Friedeck said.


Nikki Friedeck Facebook

The whole obit reads creepy, then the newspaper detailing the altercation, “the neighbors girlfriend” – which in the obit she states “Having been neighbors for the prior eight years, Cathy was always over at our home. Almost every day, just a little stop by to say “Hi”, exchange some love and then off she’d go” Then at 16 the judge, places the teen with her?

According to U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007, Ancestry.com Does verify Race is Asian. However birthplace is listed St. Louis, Missouri NOTE:Additional Information: Evidence other than birth record submitted; U.S. citizen or alien allowed to work. This addition is usually not found on a typical Social Security, Application and Claims Index

Name: Wanda Ruth Stock [Wanda R Stock] SSN: 353744720 Gender: Female Race: Asian Birth Date: 18 Dec 1978 Birth Place: St Louis, Missouri Death Date: 23 Oct 1996 Citizenship or Alien Status: U.S. citizen. Type of Claim: Original SSN. Additional Information: Evidence other than birth record submitted; U.S. citizen or alien allowed to work. Notes: 13 May 1985: Name listed as WANDA RUTH STOCK; 11 Nov 1996: Name listed as WANDA R STOCK

Source: https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=130901778

Wanda “Ashley” Stock

Birth: Dec. 18, 1978 Death: Oct. 23, 1996

Burial: Valhalla Gardens of Memory and Mausoleum Belleville St. Clair County Illinois, USA

Source: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/belleville/obituary.aspx?n=cathy-rainbolt&pid=175416222

Obituary Cathy Rainbolt (Putnam, Hodgkinson, Friedeck)

Born Dec. 27, 1989 Died Sunday, July 26, 2015.

“A family faced with domestic violence, she was placed in foster care at the age of three. Separated from her sisters, not given the love that all children deserve and need.”

“She was removed from her foster home and placed into a home in Centerville, Ill., out of her own home town, I, Nicki Lorene Friedeck adopted Cathy, at the age of 17.”

“Having been neighbors for the prior eight years, Cathy was always over at our home. Almost every day, just a little stop by to say “Hi”, exchange some love and then off she’d go. After her 18th birthday I had her emancipated. We had a love for each other but not the mother/daughter bond I wish we had. Thinking “Tough Love” is the answer, I’ve learned, it’s important to be tough on the bad behavior but still showing love at every single chance.”

“Cathy is survived by her beautiful son, Chase; her birth mom, Rachele Putnum; siblings, Monica Putnum, Jade Sanders, Kyle, Barbara and Nicholas Dach and Steven Madden.”

“Cathy’s adopted parents, Mark Stieren, Nicki Friedeck and Stu Wyatt; adopted sisters, Elyse, Cherise, Hannah and Janae Rainbolt”

“Special thanks to Joe, Carla, Kassly Funeral Home, and Cathy’s CASA worker. ”

Funeral: Back to that word tragedy, human suffering with an audience having pleasure in viewing. Because of this, we have kept the funeral private. Cathy is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, in Fairview Heights, Ill., a graveside service was held on Friday, July 31, 2015.”

Published in Belleville News-Democrat on Aug. 2, 2015


Is this starting to sound like a pattern? What in God’s name would drive a 17 year old girl to self immolate?

Did the Deep State bail him out and he owed them a favor? Did they threaten to kill his family

  • I’ve got half a tinfoil hat on today, as I grabbed this info last night from several sites and just now posted. I was going to go a little further but I have too much shit to do.

  • tardisbabe

    Bizarre. Sad. And we will just hear more over the next few days.

  • BooBooBaby

    I think we are going to hear some more crazy Shit about this Freak in the future.

    • Lt Bil Drat 🇺🇸

      Was that a Michael J Fox x rated sequel?

  • Lt Bil Drat 🇺🇸

    That’s just a bowl of shit stew. If anyone comes out of that dysfunction junction alright I’d be surprised.

  • skydove

    Building on the quotes from the Daily Beast, the New Yorker found that 57% of “mass murderers” had a history of domestic violence. Their poster boys included the guy who killed all those people at the gay club in Orlando and the one who weaponized a truck along the Promenade des Anglais. Another case featured an American who did a lot of damage 1.5 hours after being served with a restraining order from his ex. (Pretty sure the 57% represents U.S. cases only.)

    Although I’m generally a cold, dead fingers girl when it comes to the Second Amendment, it does seem that the NRA is wrong in lobbying to defeat measures that would prevent people with records of domestic abuse from legally buying firearms. Of course the legislators who let themselves be intimidated or otherwise persuaded to defeat such laws are also to blame.

    • EarnitYourself

      An uncharacteristic break from your usual consistently logical thinking.

      Murderers aren’t deterred by laws. At best, slowed down a bit.

      Innocent people have been labeled domestic abusers by spiteful spouses.

      • skydove

        Agreed as a general principle on the futility of deterrence (against adults). Look at capital punishment. It’s also true that the child protective services bots who belatedly tried to do right by those poor foster daughters should have invoked whatever involuntary confinement law (Baker Act) the state had to get JH off the streets when it became apparent that he wasn’t being harassed by a spiteful spouse. It’s true, further, that the harder government drives legal sellers of firearms into the obligation to vet in detail people who want to buy their legal products, the faster the gun business is going to move further underground.

        But in this case, I think slowing down a bit people like JH, or some of them, is a worthy goal. The victims here weren’t dumb bitches who didn’t know enough not to mouth off to guys with high-level anger management problems. & high-functioning guys with anger management problems who may have been so victimized tend to be resourceful enough to get firearms or other weapons elsewhere. I know that. But it doesn’t mean well-drafted versions of the proposed legislation would be useless.

        • EarnitYourself

          Well, I just can’t support the notion from a cost/benefit standpoint.

          Cheese can be moved a long way without most people noticing, as long as it’s in many small increments.

          Let’s leave it at convicted felons, knowing it isn’t a deterrent, but a good way to pile on charges.

          • skydove

            As far as I can see, the main cost would be borne by gun dealers. The abused girls apparently thought they had no hope, so were better off dead. But the failures that led to the wrist-slaps that JH’s sickassedness elicited are another data point suggesting that domestic abusers, with notable frequency, commit acts of “mass murder,” or try to.

            It seems to me that the inconvenience to men labeled, rightly or wrongly, as abusers is worth the lives that might be saved. There’s a lot of unfairness in the world; we all get some of it. The random nature of DIY terrorism puts at risk a new population of no-fault victims. The added hassle isn’t much protection, but I think it’s a debt society owes for having let this shit get out of hand. Of course the gun owners and their legal suppliers aren’t the ones responsible, but they do live here.

    • Rijomi2

      It figures that the New Yorker, another misguided elitist publication, would push the mass murder/domestic abuse on Orlando.
      Plain ole folks like me would think that years of being raised by a gay hating supporter of the gay hating Taliban, having a gay hating Iman visiting the local mosque and preaching killing gays is compassion, and watching gay hating Isis videos where gays are routinely thrown off roofs in Mosul and Raqqa had absolutely nothing to do with slaughtering gays in a club.
      I wish I could be that smart to overlook the facts and pick one that fits my narrative.

      • skydove

        Oh please, enough false modesty. You’re smart enough to read with comprehension elite publications whose views run counter to your own; you can very well take their assertions and conclusions in context, fact check as may be necessary, and provide intelligent rebuttal. It might not be printed, but it would be read — the bubble of elitist publications is more porous than the bubble of populist publications and websites. You have an opportunity to exert influence among those you see as misguided (& I see as distractble and often embarrassingly unclassy but not wrong).

        Here I go speculating, again, but just a suggestion: Might it be easier to keep some weapons out of the hands of some potential murderers by forbidding gun stores to sell to people with domestic abuse records than to oblige neighbors, coreligionists, and a given potential murderer’s social media community to rat him out? Who said the quadruply gay-hating Orland shooter didn’t have all those phobic cards stacked against the victim?

        • Rijomi2

          It was pure sarcasm and the narrative from the same liberal propaganda that is taught in institutions of higher learning. Once again I don’t care what the other side says because they and their readers don’t coronate themselves the epitome of sophistication and intellectualism. That’s where they draw their own bullseye. BTW, the FBI classified Mateen “an act of terror and hate”. Of course they couldn’t use the word Islamic but can now. It’s not a view, it’s a fact.

          • skydove

            Many people on “the other side” are more open-minded that you seem to suppose. & many conservatives (not sure what your side is — pro Trump all the way? antilib/prog all the way? other?) also have an interest in materials published by propaganda machines other than their own. The failure of the FBI to identify the Islamic component of Mateen’s act of terror and hate is lamentable but beside the point because everyone knew it. The tyranny of PC was lamentable, too, but now that it’s lifting, with the pendulum perhaps swinging too far in the other direction, it’s hard to see what the fact-not-view has to do with the earlier discussion.

          • Rijomi2

            Don’t change subjects. The New Yorker characterized the Mateen incident wrongly. It fit the liberal narrative that this mass shooting was not Islamic terror and attempting to conflate it with domestic abuse. How disingenuous or better yet another lie. If you can’t see that, it’s not my fault.
            Fact- a thing that is indisputably the case.
            View-a particular way of considering or regarding something; an attitude or opinion.
            It’s also my experience that liberals tend to conflate the two.

          • skydove

            Incompletely, yes. But wrongly only if it’s assumed none of their readers knew about Mateen’s long-time exposure and adherence to hate-drenched Islam. The story wasn’t about Islamic terror. The magazine had quite a bit to see about Mateen’s background last year as it came to light.

          • Rijomi2


            Terror Begins at Home | The New Yorker
            Jun 16, 2016 – Sitora Yusufiy, the first wife of Omar Mateen, who murdered forty-nine at an Orlando night club, has said that he abused her when they were
            Seems to be teh same horse crap to me.

          • skydove

            I’m in no position to evaluate what Sitora Yusufiy said or to assess whether the magazine published the statement knowing it to be false or questionable.

            The link you found doesn’t invalidate what I said: that the story about mass murderers often having a history of spouse abuse wasn’t about Islamic terror.

            If you couldn’t find an article about the FBI’s determination, I’ll accept that there wasn’t one. The fact might have been mentioned in passing elsewhere. Or not. Once more: Mateen’s connection to Islamic terror was well known soon after the Pulse massacre. In keeping with the known propensity of MSM to avoid seeming to editorialize in a way that pisses off Daesh, it’s not surprising that the magazine omitted mention of the connection.

          • Rijomi2

            It was not mass murder, It was radical Islamic Terror…two completely different categories. OMG??????? Do I need to provide definitions?????? I hope not.
            First your said…The magazine had quite a bit to see about Mateen’s background last year as it came to light…. Then you saidI…keeping with the known propensity of MSM to avoid seeming to editorialize in a way that pisses off Daesh, it’s not surprising that the magazine omitted mention of the connection.They did not???? Make up your mind????? That was a flim flam.
            We are running in circles and it;s not me, it’s you

          • skydove

            Neither I nor the article I first cited said it wasn’t radical Islamic terror.

            You may have misread the sentence you introduce with “Then you said.” I tried to be concise then and am not going to keep running around in circles now.

          • Rijomi2

            So why did they apply mass shooting stats without mentioning Radical Islamic Terror, the party line for liberals? They opened with mateen. Again mass shooting is different than terrorism. Th article I posted is the one you cited,
            Regardless if I misread please supply me an article where the New Yorker had a quite a bit to say as the story came to light. i’ll be waiting. You know they didn’t because it was their “view” that it was a mass shooting and not Radical Islamic Terror.

          • skydove

            I’m not going to repeat what I’ve said again. You may have the last word, with my compliments.