That face you make when reality hits

8 June 2017 Funny Shit Libtards Twitter Machine

  • But but drumpft said he “hopes”!

  • Pompano Queen1

    Ha ha ha!

  • Herbsman200

    Good for him…but his approval numbers are low.. sad when your numbers are lower than the supposedly “worse” president ever…hahaha

    • Rijomi2

      Clinton’s was lower at the same time.Obama’s was as low as 40% many times.

    • He’s actually doing pretty well. Believe it or not a lot of Dems are calling his win in 2020.

    • EarnitYourself

      “Worst”, not just “worse”. You can just call him Obumfuck. We all know who you mean.

  • Charles___Darwin

    Like election night all over again.

  • EarnitYourself

    I literally felt bad for McCain. He was “there” enough to know he wasn’t making sense, but not enough to gather his thoughts and get back to making sense.
    I thought I might being listening to a recital of Brucey posts called “The Wisdom of Wein”.

    So that begs the question… when the media can say “people are questioning Trump’s position from both sides of the aisle”, and we all know every time it’s McCain and Graham, does that even count?

    So one dude can’t elaborate on how he’s connecting two unrelated investigations, because he shouldn’t be. The other dude is bitter because try as he may, he can never seem to make it past Iowa in the primary so of course he hates the guy who kicked his ass this go round.