London’s solution to their terror problem

4 June 2017 Terrorism Twitter Machine UK

  • Riiiight…

  • Rijomi2
    • EarnitYourself

      There it is! I’m watching the clips of the benefit concert where Grande and the Beibs act like they’re providing some sort of solution, and meanwhile more people are being killed in London because idiots refuse to take the only action that will work.

      • Rijomi2

        Have you hugged a radical Islamist today??

        • Pompano Queen1


      • Herbsman200

        Be glad you live in the USA.

        • EarnitYourself

          I’ll be “gladder” when we untie Trump’s hands and take the steps Europe failed to take in time.

          We are at war. The quicker we figure that out and realize that using our fingers and thumbs to make heart shapes isn’t going to save innocent lives, the better.

          Islam wanting to destroy all non-believers isn’t new. It’s thousands of years old. What is new is we are letting them infiltrate us with open arms. They were pretty harmless when they were confined to desserts.

          Google “Churchill quote on Islam”.
          He called it Muhammedanism.

          • Herbsman200

            Not sure if you watch those conspiracy theory documentaries such as Zeitgeist…but many believe the christian era is over. We went through this already… remember the holy crusades? Christians did the same exact thing but we fail to remember. But that is an entirely different conversation…not sure you ready for that yet.

          • EarnitYourself

            Who will win this war depends solely on taking rational steps to fight the enemy, not conspiracy theory documentaries.

            We would have lost every war we’ve ever been in if we took a position of (for example), “we’re not at war with Germany and Germans. We’re at war with a few bad people who just happen to be German.”

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