College grad snowflakes walk out when VP Pence congratulates them

21 May 2017 Disgusting Edgeumakation Parenting Fail Snowflakes

Chet Cannon on Twitter

When a republican congratulating you is too painful, you’re undeserving of a college degree https://t.co/fAr84aRM3I

  • They are in for a rough life ahead.

    • Rijomi2

      They heard boos in their walk of shame. Also, was organized by a graduate, not the student body.

  • EarnitYourself

    I liked it better when protesters had a point.

    Being drafted into the army to fight and die in a war you didn’t believe in.
    The right to vote as a black or woman.

    “What cause are you protesting for?”

    “I didn’t get my way last November. It looks like I may not get that free shit. I may have to work for it.”

    Honestly. What’s their point?