Emmanuel Macron’s wife is a pedophile

23 April 2017 Daily Mail UK

‘At the age of 17, Emmanuel told me he’d marry me’

Presidential hopeful met his wife Brigette when he was his teacher as a teenager Now aged 64, she looks set to become the next first lady in France Her 39-year-old husband Emmanuel Macron is expected to be elected president next month He told her when he was 17 that he was going to marry her, she recalled France’s next first lady could be a grandmother of seven who is 25 years older than her husband – and taught him at school when he was only a teenager.

  • The photo above is from the official transcript of the call Obama made to Macron the day before the French election.

  • skydove

    Looks like it’ll be a runoff between the two of them. Both Fillon and Melenchon did better than I’d figured on. The French have learned from us to discourage election meddlers by lying to the polls. So the Russians shoveled lots of money toward LePen.

    The headline to the contrary, Macron isn’t “left-leaning.” In the first place, being in the Socialist Party over there doesn’t make a person a Bernie, it makes him an opportunist. When opportunity wasn’t there anymore, Macron left the socialists and formed his own centrist party. He’d already been an investment banker, and he’s had high-level operational experience in government.

    • Mean Burqake Girl

      The Russians are coming, sore loser.

  • Rijomi2

    While everyone here is gabbing about the election, I’ll stay on topic by saying France downplayed Roman Polanski being a pedophile by drug induced rape. Oui!

    • skydove

      They’re cinephiles first, antipedophiles later, if at all. It’s their country, and they’ll always have Paris — to themselves, at the rate things are going.

  • Snowflake Safe Zone

    Is she a pedophile?

    • Donna elizabeth


  • Donna elizabeth

    A female teacher in Austalia was jailed for a sexual affair with a 17 year old. Hope if this abomination couple ever visit oz , this female pedophile is treated the same. Such disrespect to all of france and their 1000 years of blood defenders. Still , cant expect much better from peasant leadership.