Marine Le Pen smacks down reporter: “No one trusts the press”

14 March 2017 Infowars National News

French populist highlights incredible disconnect from reality of establishment press

Via – InfoWars

A fascinating exchange in which French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen informs a reporter that no one trusts the media highlights how incredibly disconnected from reality the establishment press really is.

The reporter tells Le Pen her advice that people “turn away from the traditional media, (and) go and find news on the Internet” is “dangerous”.

Le Pen looks bemused, asking, “why?”

The reporter responds by stating, “On the Internet, you can find conspiracy theories, all types of things, it’s not necessarily verified information.”

“Don’t you think that the traditional media have conspiracy theories?” replied Le Pen, adding, “I’ve read a ton of things about Russia intervening in the presidential campaign and other things like that – I mean there is at least as much fake news in the traditional media as on the Internet!”

The reporter then accuses her of ‘inciting’ people to “find information” on the Internet “about things that weren’t verified”.

“It could never be worse than what you guys are saying or what you write in the traditional newspapers,” responds Le Pen.

The reporter then accuses the National Front leader of acting like Trump in trying to undermine the media as a campaign tool.

“Madame, French people have no confidence in the media whatsoever, are you aware of that, or not?” asks Le Pen.

The exchange once again highlights how the mainstream media is completely out of touch with reality.

These people still think that they have absolute credibility when in reality trust in the establishment press is lower than at any time in recent history.

The latest polls show that Le Pen has pulled ahead of establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron with 26.5% of the vote compared with 25% for Macron.

The first round of the French presidential election takes place on April 23, with the second round to follow on May 7.

Le Pen is almost certain to pass the first stage, although she is widely expected to be defeated in the second round.

Then again, those making this forecast are the same people who got it spectacularly wrong on Brexit and Trump – and the same people who think the mainstream media is still trustworthy.

  • BerkeleyLifer

    I hope she wins! The French people should be tired of the current political climate. The terrorist attacks are a serious wake up call. Perhaps some restrictions on who’s coming in their country would help…

  • skydove

    Haven’t read anything in the French press since Charlie Hebdo, two years ago. Figaro had had it with the government’s half-assed approach to terrorism even then. A front-page editorial entitled”Today or Never: Our Freedom Is at Stake” starts by saying that the country “must better protect itself against the terrorist menace, against Islamist hate. . . .” Hollande is on the way out, and not a moment too soon, but I’m not sure the FN is everyone’s idea of the way to go.