Wikileaks: More Collusion Between Clinton and CNN

31 October 2016 Wikileaks

A mole at CNN, what a surprise!

  • Rijomi2

    “From a source of mine”.Releasing poll numbers to a political camp ahead of time is a no no. It appears the Clinton campaign is getting many ‘heads up”.

    • skydove

      Another item for another indictment is always nice to have, but surely that kind of thing happens all the time. A bad practice, sure, but is there a mechanism to police it other than self-interest? Obviously a frequent offender who’s outed would have a hard time finding work in the industry. & if the industry as a whole were to be compromised to the point of uselessness by its customers, there’d be higher consequences. The public distrusts polls now because they’re used by people whose ethics are at best dubious.

      • Rijomi2

        I’m sure it may but it seems that CNN head keeps popping up.

  • Charles___Darwin

    CNN has no credibility and has been essentially an extension of the democratic party for 20 years.

    • “Zero credibility, none!”

      • Charles___Darwin

        “CNN has severed its relationship with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile after it became clear that she was secretly sharing information about CNN events with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

        “We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” CNN spokeswoman Lauren Pratapas said in a statement, according to Politico.”

      • Pompano Queen1

        I think I just heard on Fox… that they fired Donna Brazile!

    • skydove

      OK, the part about the Democrats’ media extension is true. But the people who do swear by CNN are quite numerous, and CNN’s First Amendment rights are just as valid as Buzzfeed’s and TMZ’sand Murdoch’s pubs. We shouldn’t do what the liberals do — try to stifle the obvious bias of a media outlet that many, however misguidedly, trust. CNN needs to go away, or change its game on the grounds of lost audience; we need to keep out demonstrating that the present audience is being conned.

  • Lt Bil Drat
    • Fuck, that is funny!

    • skydove

      You should contact her campaign. Once inaugurated, with the lowest percentage of the popular vote in the history of the republic, she’s going to need even more help in the spin department. Your skill would be invaluable to them and, since you’d be paid under the table, helpful to you in case her plutocrat-friendly, middle-class-hostile tax reforms make it through Congress.